Welcome to J & B Wires and Cables, the leading manufacturer of premium quality wires and cables made in Nigeria. Our products are certified by MANCAP, ensuring that you are purchasing the highest quality wires and cables available in the market.We take pride in using 100% pure copper and the best PVC material to produce wires and cables that are not only durable but also efficient. Our wires and cables come in a complete gauge of 100 meters, making them suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial projects.Our products have been tested and trusted by residential and commercial estate developers, as well as electricians and contractors. With our wires and cables, you can be sure of hassle-free installations and reliable performance.You can find J & B Wires and Cables in all leading electrical stores across Nigeria. Don't settle for inferior-quality wire...

Availabe in Leading Electronics Stores

J&B Wires and Cable is availabe in Leading Electronics Stores Nation-wide

Certified by MANCAP

J&B Wires and Cables are proud to be certified by MANCAP.

100meters Complete Quage

J&B Wires and Cables comes in 100meters Complete Quage.

100% Pure Copper

The J&B Wires and Cables are made of 100% Pure Copper that is widely used for electrical works.


Single, Flat and Flex Core

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